OPPS was founded in 1971, headquartered in Cachoeira do Campo, Ouro Preto, in the State of Minas Gerais, Brasil. At that time its primary output was carved soapstone artistically fashioned, as well as stocking a line of plates and tiles for floors and surfaces.

Over the last few years the company has become well-known throughout Brazil for the production, sale and installation of its artistic pieces like water fonts, panels, fountains, doors, door and window frames, balustrades, colonial washbasins.

In 1982, the company began to export linings and cladding for domestic heating stoves to Europe and the USA, as well as hand-crafted pieces and manufactured products. In the last few years the company has begun to export its own range of kitchenware such as: pans, casseroles, grills, pizza stone, as well as their domestic distribution.

Today, over 36 years old, the OPPS is open new partnerships with industries, architects, designer and decorators seeking to develop an create new soapstone products in an infinite number of styles, shapes and concepts.
To invest in its own future, OPPS believes that developing sustainability through environmental preservation and restoration of devastated areas from soapstone extraction are of the highest priority. Therefore, the company employs a research department which constantly searches for new sites and today has raw material for the next 100 years. OPPS employs 260 employees and uses five quarries for the extraction of soapstone of varied characteristics. OPPS has continually invested in new technologies to maintain its leadership as the largest soapstone exporter in the country, helping to place Cachoeira do Campo at the head of soapstone production in Brazil.